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Tea Party <3
I'm Back! 
17th-Feb-2010 06:47 pm
Aaron and I are doing well again.  We made two years on the 15th!

I've been gone because my computer's been pretty fucked.  I've already found and destroyed four viruses.  One was a worm, and another was a hydra virus.  My mom said she found 23 viruses on their computer with another program, so I'll be running like the fifth anti-virus program to make sure my computer's safe.  It's still a tiny bit slow and gave me the Blue Screen of Death earlier.  If I can't save it, I'm totally getting one of those little netbooks.  So cute.

The first Baton Rouge lolita meet-up went well! We went ice skating and then went to the Mall of Louisiana.  Michi made me a beautiful beaded mini crown for my birthday and also bought me a little moogle plushie! She's so sweet. <3  I'll link to the photo post from the meet-up and my daily_lolita post once I make them.  I'll also post photos of the crown and my moogle.

I still need to post photos of my kitty, Sugar, that Aaron got me for my birthday, too!

I beat the third game I've ever beaten in my life!!! Star Ocean: First Departure!  I got Chrono Trigger for my DS now, too! So excited about that! I missed that game.  I'm not playing it yet though, since I already started Star Ocean: Second Evolution and want to beat that first.
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