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7th-Feb-2010 02:09 pm - FaceBook
MySpace is so dead I finally gave in and made a FaceBook.  Look me up under Gabby Bicker or trashcan_candy@hellokitty.com
7th-Feb-2010 01:22 am - EGL Banner Art
Kira Imai Candy (looks like mee? ^-^)
I got so bored tonight that I decided to draw again.  Shocked?  I know, it's been forever since I drew something.  I'm attempting a piece of art to submit for the banner on egl next month.  I don't know if I'll even finish it, but so far I'm pleased.  I'm trying to give it a sort of Imai Kira feel.
I just got back to the trailer (new place in Pride) from my parents' house last night. I almost had a panic attack and had to eat two mgs. Xanax to calm down.  The house was a mess, and the internet was down because Aaron forgot about the bill.  I was feeling like Oh my god why did I even move here?!   Now I'm feeling better, though.
We're going to clean this place 'til it's spotless today and get a bunch of shit done.  Also, if Aaron doesn't start being more responsible soon, I'm so done.  I'm going home.  That'll be a wrap.  It's always, "I'm going to just as soon as _______," and if that isn't true this time, I'm wasting my time.

On the bright side, I'm charging my camera battery so I can take photos of Sugar and my new outfit later.  I might not get to post them 'til tomorrow, but I'll take them for sure.
1st-Feb-2010 08:50 pm - So Excited!
Friday was my birthday-I'm 23 now-, but today was the first day I got to celebrate with my parents.  I had been sick and couldn't make it to New Orleans until last night.
Anyways, I have some pretty awesome presents this year!  Aaron got me a kitty.  I named her Sugar.  I'll post photos of her really soon, since...my parents had my digital camera fixed as one of my presents!  I felt so lost without it!
They got me a few other little things, too.  When I got to the last box, I thought, "Hmm...feels like clothing...could it be something lo--No! Your parents are not rich; there is nothing lolita in here.  Don't get your hopes up."  I opened the box expecting something cute but normal (well, my normal anyways; I know I never fully dress normal).  Instead, I found a new jsk!  And there's a story behind the jsk too.

A while ago, on egl , someone made this post making fun of some lolita influenced items at Hot Topic.  I looked at the website and decided that the second dress wasn't so bad, it was just a bit short and needed to be coordinated the right way.  Then one day, Kammie and I went to the mall (Lakeside), and I spotted the dress in Hot Topic.  Out of curiosity I had to try it on.  It was actually really cute!  All it needed was a black blouse underneath and a black skirt underneath to add length and ruffles to the bottom.  It was full enough to accommodate my fluffiest petti, too.  Kammie said I should buy it, but I decided to save my money for something else, as I wasn't sure I wanted to spend $68 on it when I was running low on money.  Later on, my mom got me some little hair clips-red, white, and black bows-that would go so well with the dress, and I started to regret it.  By this time, I was broke.  Way before I got more money, someone bought the jsk.  I was sooo mad at whoever bought it, too.
Turns out, my parents bought it for me. XD
I already have it coordinated perfectly in my head.  Red shoes, black and white striped OTK socks, black blouse...  So excited!
24th-Jan-2010 01:17 am(no subject)
This is cool! A bunny printed jsk giveaway! Check it out.
8th-Jan-2010 08:24 pm - New Photos :]
I just made a new post on daily_lolita.

I also am linking to this older post on daily_lolita so I have an easier time finding it, since I realized last night that I never linked to it in my journal when I posted it.  Here.
31st-Dec-2009 04:16 am - Lolita-related New Years Resolutions
Kira Imai Candy (looks like mee? ^-^)

Somebody posted on egl asking what everyone's lolita-related NYRs were, so I thought I'd post mine here, too.  I haven't really thought about any non-lolita ones.

  1. Get really good at sewing and manipulating patterns (or making my own)
  2. Buy a nice piece (clothing or shoes...brand accessories would count, too, I guess) a month
  3. Find more lolitas in my area and get them involved in the batonrouge_loli  community so we can have meet ups that I don't have to travel two hours to attend
  4. Don't miss any meet ups
  5. Get a new camera (for photoshoots and meets...mine randomly decides not to work sometimes...the screen will go black with purple streaks across it, and that's how the photo looks if you try to take it anyway)

28th-Dec-2009 12:21 pm(no subject)
How was everyone's Christmas?
A lot has been going on lately...where should I start? Hmm...

A cut to save your friends page! (read it though...it's seriously not *that* long)Collapse )
16th-Nov-2009 12:55 pm - Lolita Wishlist
Kira Imai Candy (looks like mee? ^-^)
So yeah, I've got my head in the clouds, dreaming that I'll one day own all this stuff, but I figured I'd make a list of stuff I want anyway.
  • White and/or cream maryjanes: I'll probably wind up getting these at Payless or Target in the kids' section.
  • AP - Cherry Berry Bunny JSK in yellow or OP in pink & socks to match
  • Pink blouse w/ pink lace: Probably Anna House (looking at item number 016-1156) or self-made if I can find matching fabric and lace
  • AP - Milky-chan OP in brown
  • BTSSB - Blooming Snow White JSK (preferably the underbust version) in cream
  • BTSSB - Merry Sweet Castle JSK in mint (first choice, would need matching hair bow) or black (second choice, would need above-mentioned pink blouse)
  • Cream blouse - will probably find it at a thrift shop, on eBay or make it myself
  • Meta - Swan Lake JSK in black
  • AP - Twinkle Mermaid or Mermaid Symphony JSK in blue or pink
  • IW - Dollhouse OP in lavendar OBTAINED :D
  • ETC - Macaron OP in Sax
  • BTSSB - Friend Usakumiya JSK in yellow or mint
  • Meta - Honey Picnic JSK in mint
  • Meta - Twinkle Journey JSK in navy or wine
  • AP - Dot Ribbon (2010 Lucky Pack Print) OP in lavender or sax
  • Mew - Strawberry Cream OP in yellow
  • AP - Milky Planet OP in yellow **dream dress**
  • IW - Antique Pansy short JSK ...probably antique purple
I'll add stuff to this every now and then, most likely.
14th-Nov-2009 02:53 pm - New Photo Post
strawberry princess miwako
I posted photos of the Care Bears outfit I made on daily_lolita and in my fashion blog!
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